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My Final Act of Love for my Beloved Patches

January 19th, 2021

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Yesterday morning on that right rear leg I found more bruising so I took him to the ER. Dear Patches had a clot and there was no hope except more pain and suffering. My dearest Patches did not deserve to suffer and though my heart is broken and I am totally lost in my house without my shadow. I let my beloved Patches go. I have to tell some stories the dog had 9 lives and should have passed a long time ago. I received a gift of Russel Stoffers chocolates as a Christmas gift  this a couple Christmas’ past it was wrapped in wrapping paper, plus their wrap plus the cellophane wrap. It was in the middle of my dining-room table with chairs pushed in. My Father in law calls me at work saying something is wrong with the dog to come home quick. Chairs were not moved he had to have climbed up under the arm chair on top of the table and ate the box and all.  Dude peroxide is your friend I made him throw up and multiple time, stayed up all night that night with him. Another time actually my sons Confirmation he pulled down my husbands back pack off another table. Cant figure this one out but he un-zipped a zipper and ate a pack of gum, I am now taking stock in peroxide I tell you. I had to weight down the garbage can with 20 lbs of weight because the little bugger would squeeze his body between the counter and the can and knocked it over. i started off with less it took 20 lbs to stop him and the morning he realized it he woke my father in law up because he decided to bark at the garbage can for not cooperating with his plans. I tell you these stories because it was his zest for causing trouble and being under foot that made me adore him so and know with all my heart that he would put up with any treatment but that would not be fair to him or his spirit. I loved him soooo much that I know that it was time to say goodbye.

Last photo

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A day at a time.

January 13th, 2021

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

So I’m here again more questions still have butterflies in my stomach. Hoping that my dear Patches will be ok. I know you guys say they live in the moment and that they really don’t hold grudges or think like that but he is still so grumpy.

I am thinking he is still in a lot of pain I reached out to the vet and he said I can give him a mid day dose of gabapentin (yeah I’m not a good speller) which allows him to sleep. Dear Groucho is so funny that’s why he has that name here is a picture trying to cuddle with Patches this morning. Also has anybody have bruises on other limbs after the surgery. Dear Patch has what looks like a bruise on his rear right leg. He had his front left amputated. He had a couple of times laying down it seem like a hard landing. I padded it with gauze and wrapped hoping it helps, Asked the vet he said probably. Just seeing if anybody has experienced this as well.

He is home and recovering

January 12th, 2021

Hello Tripawd family,

So we got home and it been a slow go. Patches is able to stand for a bit. He has tumbled over my husband thinks that he forgets that there is no leg because it appears he is trying to shift his weight and then he falls. I have been using a sling for him to go to the bathroom. Today it appears he tried to get up and walk by himself. As I found him out of his bed where I left him while I took Mr. Groucho out and my husband took my daughter to the bus stop. Photo below. The incision site I think looks amazing! So Patches has been stitched in the muscle and then in a matter of speaking super glued the skin on top, looks good.

Currently waiting for him to poop. I say that out loud and it just sounds weird but its what I am waiting for but he is eating and drinking and peeing no problem though he is eating laying down for now.  I was very thankful for the Instagram post about the mastiff and it was 12 days before he was doing things independently. Its just 5 days post op so I keep saying everything will come with time.

All I want for Christmas

December 23rd, 2020

Hello Tripawd Community,

So if you could have 1 Christmas wish. Truthfully I just would want is for my baby to be all right. It really doesn’t bother me if he is a tripaw if I just knew that he would heal and be ok. His having the Cushings just makes the healing process scary situation.  Tomorrow is Christmas eve and he is resting comfortably. I can not ask for anything more. Thank you Tripawd Community

Last photo